Kansas Shooting Involved Family of OPC Member

Former OPC President John Corporon (1996-1998) is the uncle of William Corporon and great-uncle of 14 year old Reat Underwood who were shot and killed in Overland Park, Kansas, on Sunday. Reat was practicing his song “You are Going to Miss Me When I’m Gone” for an upcoming contest. From The New York Times >>

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Journalist Killed, OPC Member Injured

Anja Niedringhaus, left, and Kathy Gannon

Anja Niedringhaus, 48, a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer was killed and Kathy Gannon, 60, a reporter and OPC member was injured in a shooting in Khost Province in eastern Afghanistan. Gannon for Dateline 2008: "Perilous Roads" | Read more...

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Press Freedom in Hong Kong Under Assault

Martin Lee, left, and Anson Chan

Seventeen years after the Chinese reclaimed Hong Kong from Britain, it is becoming clear that the Chinese are tightening the screws on democracy in Hong Kong, which means freedom of the press is in harm’s way, two leading Hong Kong political figures told a gathering at the Asia Society on March 31. Read more...

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OPC Board Appoints New Executive Director

Patricia Kranz

The Board of Governors of the OPC has appointed Patricia Kranz, a longtime overseas correspondent and editor, as its new Executive Director. Kranz will assume her new post upon the retirement of Executive Director Sonya Fry in May. Read more...

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A View From 40th Street During the OPC Revolution

Dickey Chapelle

As editor of the OPC Bulletin during the 1960s, I witnessed only a slice of the Club's long history. But arguably it was its most exciting, exasperating, argumentative and game-changing slice. The Club already was aboil when I arrived to manage OPC's weekly eight-pager. Read more...

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Press Freedom Letters

Friday, 10 Jan 2014

Since December 29, 2013, authorities in Egypt have held three Al Jazeera journalists under detention allegedly for spreading falsehoods about the...

Monday, 30 Dec 2013
The detention in Cairo of four journalists working for Al Jazeera English is a deplorable development and further evidence that Egypt's military...
Thursday, 15 Aug 2013

It is not the role of the OPC to express opprobrium for the politics and policies at the heart of Egypts’s current roils. However, we are appalled...

United States
Thursday, 30 May 2013

Recent leak investigations, particularly the probes into Fox News and the Associated Press, have indeed overstepped the customary boundaries...

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The OPC adds its voice to the chorus of disappointment and anger that has followed the news of the Justice Department's wholesale intrusion into...