Past OPC Presidents

Past OPC President Archive

An archive of OPC presidents from the founding in 1939 to the present. 

David A. Andelman, 2010-12

David A. Andelman is Editor of World Policy Journal. Previously he served as Executive Editor of, the world’s largest business and financial website. Earlier, he was a domestic and foreign correspondent for The New York Times in various posts in New York and Washington, Southeast Asia bureau chief, based in Bangkok, then East European bureau chief, based in Belgrade. He then moved to CBS News where he served for seven years as a Paris...

David A. Andelman
Allan Dodds Frank, 2008-10

Allan Dodds Frank is a contributor to The Daily Beast, the website founded by Tina Brown. He has been a television correspondent for ABC News, CNN and Bloomberg. Frank has been an Overseas Press Club member since 1985, most recently served as second vice president and previously OPC treasurer, governor, chairman of the OPC Awards Committee and President of the Overseas Press Club Foundation, where he serves on the board and executive committee.

Allan Dodds Frank
Marshall Loeb, 2006-08

Marshall Loeb is a Senior Correspondent and a member of the Advisory Board of CBS, a leading financial and business news service on the net. He is also a daily commentator on CBS Radio Network. He is author of 13 books, most recently Marshall Loeb's Lifetime Financial Strategies.

Marshall Loeb,  OPC President 2006-08
Richard B. Stolley, 2004-06

Richard B. Stolley is Senior Editorial Adviser at Time Inc., where he has worked in various editorial jobs since 1953. He started his journalistic career at the age of 15, when he took over as sports editor of the Pekin, Illinois, Daily Times, while he was still attending high school. (The war was going on, adult males were in short supply and “the publisher didn’t want to hire a woman, so he hired a child instead” was the explanation). He worked for two...

Richard B. Stolley
Alexis Gelber, 2002-2004

A longtime top editor of Newsweek, Alexis Gelber supervised award-winning coverage of politics, social issues and international news as the magazine’s National Affairs Editor, Assistant Managing Editor, and Managing Editor of Newsweek International.

Alexis Gelber
Larry Martz, 2000-2002

The retired editor of World Press Review magazine, Larry Martz was a Newsweek staffer for 32 years, including assignments as business editor, national affairs editor, assistant managing editor and editor of Newsweek International. He remains co-chairman of the OPC Freedom of the Press Committee.

Larry Martz
Roy Rowan, 1998-2000

Roy Rowan, OPC President from 1998-2000 and OPC member for 62 years is a revered journalist.

Roy Rowan
John Corporon, 1996-98

John Corporon won numerous awards from the New Orleans Press Club, local Emmys in New York and a national Emmy in 1964 as executive producer  for a documentary on the Ku Klux Klan. He retired in 1996 and was elected president of the OPC. He is currently on the OPC Board and vice president of the OPC Foundation.

John Corporon
Bill Holstein, 1994-96

Bill Holstein has been involved in international journalism since being dispatched to Hong Kong in 1979 as a young United Press International correspondent. After winning an OPC award for his coverage of China's economic modernization, he rose to became Beijing bureau chief and returned to the United States in 1982.

Bill Holstein