Best Interpretation of Foreign Affairs - Radio or Television 1957

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Award Date: 
Award Name: 
* Best Interpretation of Foreign Affairs, Television or Radio (1978-1949)
Award Recipient: 
Chet Huntley
Award Recipient Affiliation: 
Award Honored Work: 
Outlook interview with President Bourguiba of Tunisia

Excerpt from the 1958 Dateline:


Chet Huntley may not have rushed into television but the impact he has made on news broadcasts has been strong since he arrived in New York at NBC. His special “Outlook” interview with President Bourguiba of Tunisia and other “Outlook” reports from overseas were mature products of a diligent and fact-pursuing reporter. He brought the Tunisian problem into focus and nearer to home to the most casual viewer. The facts of life for the French- and for the United States, the awards committee felt, were clearer because of his efforts on that story in particular. In this highly competitive field, Huntley wins his first Overseas Press Club plaque for the best TV or radio interpretation of foreign affairs.

“I am not one of those who rushed into telebvision journalism with the idea that we were about to revolutionize all communications or all journalism. Although this miraculous instrument keeps on surprising me, day after day, with its impact and its power and its ability to command attention; yet I am not convinced, by a long shot that television will never be able to report ALL THE NEWS. And fundamental truth is as elusive in television as anywhere else.

"Rather, I have the notion that if we can illuminate a few important stories each week, we shall be doing rather well. We are a new cousin to newspapers, radio, periodicals, the motion picture, the hand-out, and gossip over the back-yard fence. I suppose we are a rather important cousin the whole family, although we are still young and very awkward. I am confident we shall grow up to conduct ourselves quite well.”

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