The Robert Capa Gold Medal Award 2009

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Hamra risked injury or death to photograph the aerial bombardment and chaotic battles between the Israeli army and Palestinian Hamas militants that engulfed the Gaza Strip in the first two weeks of 2009.
Award Date: 
Award Name: 
03 The Robert Capa Gold Medal Award
Award Recipient: 
Khalil Hamra
Award Recipient Affiliation: 
Associated Press
Award Honored Work: 
“War in Gaza”

Khalil Hamra’s pictures of the Israeli military incursion into Gaza showed exceptional courage and enterprise by a committed local photographer during a sustained and dangerous conflict. His images are close up, powerful and direct and taken at considerable risk due to the nature of the conflict which had combatants mingling amongst the civilian population. Hamra’s personal circumstances are equally compelling: he covered the conflict in spite of concerns about the welfare of his wife, then pregnant with twins.

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