A View From 40th Street During the OPC Revolution

Dickey Chapelle

As editor of the OPC Bulletin during the 1960s, I witnessed only a slice of the Club's long history. But arguably it was its most exciting, exasperating, argumentative and game-changing slice. The Club already was aboil when I arrived to manage OPC's weekly eight-pager. Read more...

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Cookbook Helped to Bond Club Members in the 1960s

The OPC Cookbook

In 1962, the Overseas Press Club Cookbook portrayed the dining adventures of 60 foreign correspondents from the club's first era. As the club celebrates its 75th anniversary, the cookbook brings to life those first generations. My mother, Margaret Kreig, was an OPC member in the 1960s who bequeathed me her copy and memories of a career facilitated by club predecessors. Read more...

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Print on the Precipice

Tribune Tower of the Tribune Company

Just when it seemed that the bloodshed in the American media could not get any worse, several major print publications face life-or-death struggles in the year 2014. Read more...

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Former OPC President Calls Snowden Home

Edward Snowden

Larry Martz writes: Edward Snowden has done a great service to the U.S. by exposing the appalling range of the National Security Agency’s abuses and triggered a great debate that, it is hoped, will end in reining them in. OPC members: Log in and join the debate. Read more...

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Publishers Offload Liabilities Onto Independent Journalists

Gregory DL Morris

It is not uncommon for publishing companies that retain independent journalists to ask those reporters to sign copyrights agreements, often just a few paragraphs assigning rights and setting terms for the commission. But recently, those simple documents have taken an ominous turn. Read more...

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