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Friday, 21 Oct 2011
Lisa Anderson and Stevenson Swanson flank author Jim O'Shea and interlocutor All

When Jim O'Shea took the reins of the Los Angeles Times, he sensed a shift from quality writing to quarterly earnings. After several staff cuts over his 18 months as editor, O'Shea refused his bosses demands to cut again. The stand he took cost him his job but also...

Friday, 21 Oct 2011
From left: OPC member Brian Byrd, panelist Dr. Hina Chaudhry and OPC Executive D

The OPC, New York Women's Initiative for CARE and New York University's Wagner School hosted a panel on "Humanitarian Emergencies: the Role of the Media" at NYU on September 22. Panelists included Allan Dodds Frank, Cath Turner, Dr. Hina Chaudhry...

Thursday, 13 Oct 2011
Hadi al-Mahdi, murdered in Baghdad.

Whatever its long-term impact on the cause of liberty and democracy, the Arab Spring movement has been bad news for press freedom.  To nobody's surprise, countries still cracking down on their uprisings continue, often viciously, to oppress journalists trying to cover the protests....

Thursday, 18 Aug 2011
Pamela Yates

Pamela Yates is a documentary filmmaker and OPC award winner, whose most recent film, "Granito: How to Nail a Dictator" is both a memoir and an investigation of the genocide that occurred in...

Wednesday, 10 Aug 2011

In a major setback for freedom of information, transparency, and accountability of government, a U.S. Federal judge has allowed the CIA to defy his own order and destroy 92 videotapes showing terrorist suspects being tortured.

Wednesday, 20 Jul 2011
KABUL, AFGHANISTAN: Sebastian Meyer shoots video on the streets of Kabul as curi

How do you become a foreign correspondent these days? In a time when most big media are cutting back and few jobs are to be found, one way is simply to take the plunge -- go to a place where interesting things are happening and start telling the story.  Here's how one wannabe morphed...

Thursday, 30 Jun 2011
OPC member and New York Director of Reporters Without Borders Tala Dowlatshahi i

To mark the 40th night of detention of Global Post contributor James Foley, Clare Morgana Gillis, Manuel Varela and Nigel Chandler, Foley's family organized a gathering of journalists and supporters at The Half King in New York...

Thursday, 30 Jun 2011
Ora Garway

Ora Garway founded the newspaper Punch in 2009 and became the only female newspaper editor in Liberia. The newspaper is small, independent and according to Garway, avoids the yellow journalism typical of many sensationalist Liberian newspapers.

Thursday, 30 Jun 2011
Bill Holstein with the support of his family, from left:  son-in-law Dan Treit

Former OPC President William J. Holstein spoke about his latest book, The Next American Economy: Blueprint for a Real Recovery, at a recent OPC book night. OPC member and Executive Editor at Roubini Global Economics Mike Moran served as interlocutor.

Wednesday, 29 Jun 2011
Report  of the FOP Committee for June 2011

After 15 years as co-chair I am stepping down, and after 10 years on the committee, so is Jeremy Main. Between now and the end of summer a small group will work on a blueprint for the Club’s press freedom activities and will explore several ideas, among them that the chair of...