News Orgs Assess Reporting in Syria

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Capital New York reports: Western news organizations are currently reporting on the violence in Syria remotely, from posts in nearby Beirut, Lebanon.

Syria has barred foreign journalists from entering the country, and reporting from there has become extremely dangerous. Reports that the government of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad targeted the media compound where Colvin and other reporters had been staying further fueled news outlets' fears about putting boots on the ground.

But some have managed to sneak into the country illegally and to escape unharmed with stories to share with the world.

One such reporter is CNN correspondent Arwa Damon. In an interview that was aired on her network last night, she said: "No story is worth dying for, but at the same time, with a story like Syria, and others as well, you have to be there.

"You have to be in it, seeing it, smelling it, listening to it, so you at the end of the day can do justice to what the people are suffering."

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