Top Five Female News Producers

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Subrata De with President Obama and Brian Williams.

Subrata De with President Obama and Brian Williams.

Poynter reports: Marie Claire magazine has picked five female news producers to profile. From the three major networks and CNN, these “women who run the show” share their accomplishments, nightmares, and stories behind the story.

“Meet the Press” executive producer Betsy Fischer describes her proudest accomplishment; Katie Nelson Thomson, senior broadcast producer of “Piers Morgan Tonight” and former Barbara Walters producer, describes an early “get;” “48 Hours Mystery” field producer Kristin Whiting explains the worst part of her job; Santina Leuci, senior editorial producer of “Good Morning America,” lives the morning show wars; and Subrata De, senior producer of “NBC Nightly News With Brian Williams,” describes what she is proudest of.

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