Latest Press Freedom News

Tuesday, 27 Nov 2012

Your committee prepared letters of concern addressed to authorities in Serbia (Tom Squitieri) and Mexico (Susan Kille). Letters to officials in Bolivia (Emma Daly) and Pakistan (Bill Collins) have been assigned.

Tuesday, 20 Nov 2012

It is with increasing alarm that the OPC views what appears to be a sharp rise in attacks against Serbian journalists and their families. Fortunately, these attacks have not resulted in death or serious harm, but the odious trend is one that...

Friday, 26 Oct 2012

The Chinese government swiftly blocked access Friday morning to the English-language and Chinese-language websites of The New York Times from computers in mainland China in response to an article in both languages describing wealth...

Russian Federation
Thursday, 06 Sep 2012

Ordinarily, the Freedom of the Press Committee of the OPC speaks only for journalists whose pursuit of information faces unwarranted threat. In the case of Pussy Riot, the committee protests the unreasonable punishment the performers faced for...

Thursday, 30 Aug 2012

IPI's Death Watch added 13 journalists to its total of 37 whose work in Syria cost them their lives in 2012. With IPI counting 93 deaths so far, the year is shaping up to be the deadliest for journalists since it started keeping records in 1997...

Wednesday, 22 Aug 2012

The OPC Freedom of the Press Committee has written many more articles touching on press freedom for the OPC website and the Bulletin. We organized another discussion forum for the website, this one exploring what it takes to qualify as...

Wednesday, 20 Jun 2012

We at the OPC wish to congratulate you for offering the protection of the Mexican Federal government to journalist Stephania Cardoso and her young son, who have been missing since June 9 in what appeared to be a news-related...

Russian Federation
Friday, 15 Jun 2012

A rare shaft of daylight pierced the hermetically sealed world of the Kremlin with the unfolding of the bizarre case of Aleksandr Bastrykin, the head of Russia's equivalent to the FBI.  Accused of threatening to kill a Russian reporter...

Russian Federation
Friday, 15 Jun 2012

It is gratifying, of course, that chief investigator, Aleksandr I. Bastrykin, has offered an apology to Novaya Gazeta and its deputy editor, Sergei Sokolov, after editor-in-chief, Dmitry A. Muratov,...

Russian Federation
Thursday, 14 Jun 2012

If true, it is outrageous that Aleksandr I. Bastrykin, Russia's chief federal investigator, drove Novaya Gazeta's deputy editor to a remote forest and threatened to kill him.