Latest Press Freedom News

Wednesday, 09 Feb 2005
The Overseas Press Club of America, which has been defending freedom of the press around the world for nearly 70 years, is heartened by your recent election and the promise it brings of an end to censorship, assaults and even murders of journalists...
Monday, 31 Jan 2005
In the ten weeks since we last wrote to you, five more journalists have been murdered in the Philippines, bringing the total number of Filipino journalist deaths in 2004 to twelve. These journalists had reported on corruption, illegal gaming, drug...
Monday, 31 Jan 2005
Since late July, Eric Wirkwa Tayu has been in prison…and Cameroon has injured itself in the eyes of the world. Mr. Tayu, publisher of the private newspaper, Nso Voice, was imprisoned for allegedly defaming the mayor of Kumbo. The charge is that Mr....
Monday, 31 Jan 2005
We write to join the voice of the Overseas Press Club of America to all those protesting the murder of Deyda Hydara, another outrage in the recent epidemic of abuses of press freedom in Gambia.
Ivory Coast
Monday, 31 Jan 2005
It is shocking for the members of the Overseas Press Club of America, and indeed for the whole world, to witness the collapse of democracy and free expression in your country. The recent campaign of disinformation by the state-run media is...
Russian Federation
Friday, 10 Sep 2004
We write to protest, in the strongest possible terms, your government@quot;s efforts to control and manipulate media coverage of the tragic hostage crisis in Beslan. These attempts range from the initial lie about the number of hostages held to what...
Tuesday, 31 Aug 2004
We know you share our concern for our colleagues, French journalists, Christian Chesnot and Georges Malbrunot, kidnapped with their driver while en route to cover the fighting in Najaf. We trust you are doing all in your power to secure their...
Friday, 27 Aug 2004
In the strongest possible terms we object to the continued detention of Abdulghani Memetemin.
Friday, 27 Aug 2004
We write to express serious concern for our colleague, Ebrima Sillah, a prominent Gambian journalist and a correspondent for the British Broadcasting Corporation.
Thursday, 26 Aug 2004
We are writing yet again to protest the imprisonment of some 26 journalists in Cuba and the unhealthy, inhuman conditions under which they are being held.