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Thursday, 29 Sep 2011

The systematic gangland-style killing of journalists across Mexico for reporting on the drug trade is a campaign that has taken on wartime proportions. It threatens to turn the image of Mexico into a press killing zone, a place where anyone...

Tuesday, 27 Sep 2011

The FOP Committee's concern has always been to make the OPC an essential participant in the advocacy of professional and human rights for journalists around the world. Notwithstanding the small numbers of its all-volunteer effort, OPC, as the...

Russian Federation
Tuesday, 30 Aug 2011

The OPC is encouraged by the arrest of a new suspect in the murder of Novaya Gazeta journalist, Anna Politkovskaya. Our hope now is that this arrest will, finally, lead to the apprehension of the organizers behind her...

Wednesday, 24 Aug 2011

The OPC Press Freedom Committee is preparing for a major transition. We seek a new generation of leadership as we move into a new era, with a wider franchise to fit journalism's new conditions.

United States
Wednesday, 10 Aug 2011

In a major setback for freedom of information, transparency, and accountability of government, a U.S. Federal judge has allowed the CIA to defy his own order and destroy 92 videotapes showing terrorist suspects being tortured.

Tuesday, 02 Aug 2011

The response to some crimes goes beyond words and beyond outrage.  The murder and decapitation of Notiver reporter, Yolanda Ordaz de la Cruz, last week is the latest such example to come out of Mexico.

Wednesday, 06 Jul 2011

Today's disclosure by The New York Times that American officials have reliable intelligence that Pakistani officials ordered the brutal murder of Saleem Shahzad is deeply troubling.  With this news, we have moved...

Wednesday, 29 Jun 2011

After 15 years as co-chair I am stepping down, and after 10 years on the committee, so is Jeremy Main. Between now and the end of summer a small group will work on a blueprint for the Club’s press freedom activities and will...

Wednesday, 22 Jun 2011

The OPC writes to express its horror at the callous slaughter of the prominent Veracruz columnist Miguel Ángel López Velasco, along with his wife and son. The three were killed by assailants who broke down the door of Lopez...

Tuesday, 14 Jun 2011

The OPC is outraged that Kyrgyz authorities have filed separate criminal charges against Khalil Khudaiberdiyev and Dzhavlon Mirzakhodzhayev of Osh TV, accusing them of organizing and participating in mass...