Latest Press Freedom News

Tuesday, 06 Jul 2004
It is shocking to learn that a court in Egypt has sentenced a journalist to two years in jail given your public commitment this past February to end prison sentences for press offences.
Saudi Arabia
Thursday, 01 Jul 2004
We write to express our shock and dismay at the June 6 attack on journalists in Saudi Arabia that left BBC cameraman, Simon Cumbers, dead and BBC security correspondent and al-Queda expert, Frank Gardner, injured and in critical condition. Gunmen...
Russian Federation
Tuesday, 22 Jun 2004
Growing governmental control and deterioration of independent media and freedom of expression in Russia were demonstrated dramatically on June 1, 2004 when NTV, one of your country@quot;s leading TV channels, was compelled to ban Namedni , its...
Thursday, 17 Jun 2004
We write to express the Overseas Press Club@quot;s serious concern about escalating threats to press freedom in Hong Kong. In recent weeks, three of Hong Kong@quot;s leading radio talk show hosts have left their radio programs. Each said that they...
Tuesday, 15 Jun 2004
The Overseas Press Club of America (OPC) is disappointed that your government has not taken seriously the perpetually hazardous state of affairs for journalists in Bangladesh, officially one of the world@quot;s most dangerous places for reporters,...
Monday, 14 Jun 2004
The recent arrest of Abdishakur Yusuf Ali, editor of the independent newspaper War-Ogaal is a clear violation of international standards for free expression as established in Article 19 of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.
Wednesday, 09 Jun 2004
Azerbaijan@quot;s persistent legal and financial harassment of the independent newspaper, Tezadlar , is most distressing to members of this non-partisan organization, which has defended press freedom around the world for 65 years.
Wednesday, 09 Jun 2004
On behalf of the Overseas Press Club of America, we are writing to protest your Government@quot;s refusal of permission for distribution in Guinea of two issues of the news weekly, Jeune Afrique L@quot;Intelligent .
Wednesday, 09 Jun 2004
We are writing to you on behalf of the Overseas Press Club of America, representing more than 600 journalists experienced in reporting news around the world. We wish to add our voice to those of other journalism organizations, which have protested...
Friday, 28 May 2004
We write again to protest the continuing mistreatment and repression of journalists attempting to do their jobs in your country. As noted in our letter of May 3, China is the world@quot;s most notorious jailer of journalists, with 41 (to the best of...